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Sewer & Water
We have over 50 years of experience in the sewer and water industry.  We are experts in Sewer Mains, water mains, Lift Stations, Deep Connections, Slide Rail Systems for deep shafts, Force Mains, Municipal projects of any size.  We are IDOT pre-qualified.  

Deep Connections

Deep Connections
Our experience includes making deep connections for sanitary sewer applications using Slide Rail from Efficiency Products.  In 2008 we made a 35ft deep connection at the Northeast Central Pump Station in Grayslake, IL.  

Directional Boring

The Directional Drilling method of installing sewer and water is fast becoming the choice for developers and municipalities all around the world.  R. A. Mancini has combined the excellence of Sewer and Water construction and the technology of Directional Boring to provide their customers with an affordable option with little surface disruption.  This technology is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, golf courses, airports, railroads, waterways, highways, residential & commercial areas or where it is difficult of impossible to use conventional open trench methods.  Directional Drilling can be done in all types of soil, dirt, clay, sand, cobble, or rock.  Let R. A. Mancini provide alternate pricing for your next utility project.

Pipe Fusing

R. A. Mancini’s personnel is certified in pipe fusing for fuse able PVC from Underground Solutions ( create link ), in sizes 2” to 12”.  We are also trained in fusing HDPE pipe ranging in sizes from 2” to 36” in diameter.  Pipe fusing operations go hand in hand with directional drilling as the fused pipe will be pulled into the bored hole to complete the installation process.



Hydro Excavating

At R.A. Mancini we have a full line of Vactor Vacuum Excavation equipment.  Our hydrovac systems can provide your company with a safe method of locating underground utilities, we can also jet sewer lines, clean manholes and catch basins.  Call for a quote based on hourly  or daily rates.





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